Remediating Theory Rationale

For our remediating  theory project we chose to focus on video game theory. More specifically we focused on the cultures associated with video games. Video games are interesting because generally speaking different video game genres and platform attract different groups of players. These players who are associated with various platforms and genres create unique cultures with their associated platforms and genres. How these different groups of players and people who do not play video games view and think about one another what our remediation project is based on. It describes the stereotypes and opinions associated with players who play certain platforms and game genres and even specific game titles. How we decided to illustrate this information was by creating a map. The colors on this map do not  have any significance or message. We chose them because they were colors that made the map look realistic. How this map is arranged is we created imaginary continents, countries, and cities. Also we named some of the bodies of water in the map based on insults or stereotypes associated with a particular game title or platform. Each continent represented a video game platform. We created four continents. They are Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and PC. The size of the continent is proportional to the amount of players on that particular platform. Next is the countries. The countries represent the video game titles that are played by players on that particular  platform. The size of the countries are proportional to the amount of player that play those games. For the game titles we used the top five or six games on each platform. We could have done more but too many would have been unnecessary. The city names represent the stereotypes or insults that are associated with people who play certain titles or  play on a particular  platform.  Most of these city names are named something pretty broad and not too offensive. For example we named a city in the country of Call of Duty in the continent of Microsoft something that described the players as immature and violent. For the game World of Warcraft we described one of its cities as being associated with a player base that is anti social and lives in their parent’s basements. Insults like these are primarily harmless but some insults that are created by the unique cultures and player communities are pretty offensive and unusual. For example in the World of Warcraft some of the Chinese players in the game would spend their time manipulating the game’s gold system in a way to make real world money. These Chinese gold farmers were highly disliked by the game’s community. As a result the world Chinese became an insult used by the players of the World of Warcraft. Insults like these can quite offensive. Taking a word such as Chinese and changing its meaning from a word that describes a person’s culture or country of origin and making it become associated with something negative because if a video game is an extremely and interesting phenomena that happens in gaming, especially when these games have online multiplayer capabilities.  


Final Project Proposal

My group is going to do our final project on Video Game Theory. We plan on addressing the culture or communities associated with people who play video games. Video games have breed a completely unique following of people. They have created their own mannerisms and even their own language. I have a good amount of experience with the mannerisms and culture of people who play video games. When I was younger I played quite a bit of online video games. I have pretty much grown out of it now but when I was younger my favorite thing to do was play console video games online. I really think this is when video game culture really started to gain steam and grow. Computer games have always been online but console games being online is relatively new. For our project we were thinking about doing a video. The basis of the video would be my group and I would be playing a board game such as Monopoly or Candy Land. While playing the game we would play as if we were playing a video game online. What I mean by this is when people play games online many of them act differently then if they were actually interacting with people face to face. The video would be a parody of typical personalities that people exhibit in online gaming. Another idea we had was to do a video of video game addiction. Anything can be addicting but it is really interesting to see just how far some people go in regards to video games. We could make a video that exaggerates video game addiction in a comical way. It would be over the top, but it would be addressing a real life issue. I know there were a few games I played way too much. I put playing the game in front of more important things. Looking back on it I don’t know why I cared so much about video games. Its just a game, it doesn’t matter. I think this would be a very interesting avenue to explore in Video Game Theory.

Video Editing Rationale

For our video project we decided to make our raw footage out of one of our group members just going through normal day to day activities. The footage was of me studying, reading, sleeping, walking around campus, and hanging out with people. The footage was very neutral in terms of content. We did not commit to any ideas of how we would edit the footage until after we had filmed the raw footage. Doing this made the footage easy to edit because you could really do what ever you wanted to as long as you were creative. For my smaller edit group we decided to edit the original footage into a very artistic and sad adaptation of a person questioning their life and their place in the world. This video is taken from the perspective of a pessimist. The editing does a great job pulling this vision together. For one we made the video in all  black and white. This really makes the video seem morose and serious, which is what we were aiming for. The video is simply scenes of someone going through their day day to day routine. While the images of the scenes are playing there is a voice of the main character narrating the scenes. For our video we got a voice over of someone speaking French. It really adds to the sadness of the video. We then made English subtitles in the video. The subtitles to not directly translate to the French words being spoken. Our desired audience reaction to the video is too shock and provoke thought. The video definitely has a shock value to it. The use of of French being the language spoken really is a curve ball. Also the music is a very creepy and sad piano being played. These things along with the black and white filter and the subtitles really combine nicely to create a great video. Some of the dialogue is pretty deep and I think many people question their life and place in the world. That is what this video is getting at. This video really makes me take a step back and reflect on myself after watching. Most people will probably find the video humorous. In class when we watched the different movie trailers for the same films it was interesting to see how the original video was edited to make trailers that were very different. Some trailers used the same scenes and others used different ones. Even when the trailer used same scenes the use of text and different music completely changed the tone or message of the movie. You could tell that some trailers were created to attract the attention of certain consumers groups. I do not think our video is designed to attract particular ages or consumer groups but it definitely shows how editing can drastically change the mood and message of a video. I am interested to see what the other group is going to do with the original film. I think they will be very surprised at the editing route we took.

Film Editing Analysis

The movie trailers I chose to use are trailers to the movie Alien. I found a the official trailer from 1979 and then the other trailer I am using is a fan made trailer of the movie. The official trailer for the movie is spectacular. The trailer gives little information in terms of actors, characters, setting, or plot. That is what makes it great in my opinion. The trailer really only tells the viewer that the film is a sci-fi film that may turn into a horror film. The only hints to the plot are that there are people on a space ship in space and that something really wrong happens on the mission. I think this is great because it makes the viewer want to know what is going on and what is happening on the ship or with the crew. The scenes they show are dark and creepy. It is hard to grasp what is going on. Also they never show the alien in the trailer. I hate when horror/sci-fi movies show the alien or monster in the trailer or previews. If you already know what the thing looks like it is not a surprise when it shows up in the film for the first time. The use of music in the trailer is spot on too. It is a very dark and suspenseful piece of music that starts off slow in the beginning and as the trailer progresses the music becomes louder and more complex. This builds suspense and gets the viewer interested. At the end of the trailer the trailer cuts to a seen with a space ship floating in space next to a planet. In this scene a sentence of text appears saying “In space no one can hear you scream”. Personally that quote alone would make me want to see the movie, but for the average viewer it definitely makes the movie sound interesting and promotes the question of “Well I wonder who or what is making the people in the film scream”?  The fan made trailer is decent. It uses the same music and some of the same scenes but the official one is way better. In the fan made one they show the alien a few times which I think kills the trailer. Also there is not a great build up or suspense. In the fan made trailer they show a lot of scenes from the movie. From the start the trailer is showing actual movie clips. In the official trailer, it builds atmosphere and then after a minute in it starts to show actual movie scenes. I feel the official trailer did it better.

How I would remix the official movie trailer is by showing all the scenes that are cheerful and in bright well lit areas. I would show the scenes of the crew hanging out and talking. Scenes like this would paint the picture of this movie is just an adventure movie about people in space or it might be a drama between different crew members. Also the music would be a neutral piece that promote a sense of calm and security. I would not mention the name of the movie either. After a minute or so of the happy scenes I would cut to the scene where the crew is eating dinner where little alien pops out if the guys chest at the dinner table. This scene will definitely have a good shock value to it. This scene of the trailer would begin with same dark and creepy music used in the actual trailer. I would see if I could edit the scene so the viewer can see something really terrible has happened but I would edit out any pieces of footage where the viewer can see the actual alien. After the dinner scene the trailer would cut to the scene of the space  ship floating in space and the text “In space no one can hear you scream” would appear and then I would show the title of the movie “Alien”.

Official Trailer –

Fan Made Trailer  –



Visual Evidence Questions

1. In the reading the author talks about that if a video is shown on a screen and the screen is turned off but the viewer can still understand and follow the video based off the sound, then there is not enough visual evidence for the video. Can you think of an example of a video that without the actual video being played it is difficult to follow the video?

2.  What was the last great documentary you have watched?

3. In the reading there is a part that talks about editing or cutting parts were nothing happens. This made me wonder if visuals can work in the same ways as sound. Meaning silence can be effective so could a visual where nothing happens also be effective?


For my podcast I chose to open with a quick and interesting story about me. I told the story about how me and a friend of mine changed a flat tire. This story may not seem that interesting or important but latter in the podcast I make the connection between my story and the greater issue my podcast is describing. In my story I talk about how before my friend asked me for help I was trying to do school work. I will take any chance to get out of homework or studying. This is where I made the connection between my story and my greater issue. My greater issue is why I went to college. I really cannot answer that question. I went just because that is what most people do after high school. I feel that I am not the only one who did this. I think that maybe I should have taken a year off or looked at alternatives to college. I think this is an issue, especially in this country, that needs to be addressed. Throughout my podcast the pace was even. There were only a few times I paused and the story and greater issue connection flows nicely. In terms of added sounds I did not have any. I did not think adding music or sounds effects would have made my podcast better. I think having an interesting story that leads into a greater issue that everyone can connect with and question is more effective than having a sound effect of a door opening when I mention my friend walks into my room. I did use silence in my podcast a few times. I used it for my moments of reflection. The moments are short but I feel it gives the listener a few seconds to relate their own life to mine and compare. The voice I used for my podcast was just my normal speaking voice. I talked as if I was just having a conservation. The mood was relaxed, humorous, and sarcastic at times. The main question I raised in my podcast is “Why am I here in college”. In my podcast I give my answer to this question. From class I remember listening to the Al Sharpton audio and when he brought up the question of would he forgive the man that tried to kill him, I thought to myself that I would not forgive the man. With my question I am going for a similar reaction. I want my listeners to think about why are they in college. Do they have a plan or are they just going with the flow? I think there are people that are in the same situation as me and that maybe there is something wrong with the education system in this country. For me I was never exposed to any alternatives from college after I graduate high school. The reason for that is most likely because I went to a private college prep school. I feel that if I went to public school more options would have been presented to me.

Sound Engineering Keywords

1.  Mulitmodal – This word means several different modes of activity or occurrence. In the context of this reading this is referring to the use of multiple sounds. The use of multiple sounds when put together into one complex sound can be a very effective element to a piece. In the reading the author talks about how multimodal approaches being incorporated into a course are beneficial to the students. It allows them flexibility.

2. Rhetorical Flexibility – This is the ability to use different methods and styles of rhetoric to communicate desired information or to have a desired response from the reader.  This refers the idea of being multimodal, meaning that using different approaches and styles to complete a goal is effective.

3. Open-Ended Tasks – This means that the tasks given to the students for the course have a lot of flexibility. This keyword relates to the other two perfectly. The previous key words play into the structure or lack of structure of an open end course. The reading is describing a course where students have an incredible amount of flexibility in what subject matter they want to write about and how they want to write that subject matter.